Hello, my name is Quinlan Lall. I drove with Momentum Motorsports in the 2014 and 2015 F2000 Championship Series. Momentum Motorsports is one of the leading developmental teams in the junior ranks of American open-wheel racing. In my 2 years of professional driving with the team, I learned many valuable skills that saw me through an F3 test, a BRDC F4 test, and multiple FIA F4 tests during my 2015 campaign.

Phil Picard is amazing at working with young drivers and teaching them not just how to drive a car, but how to become one with the car. Through driving with Momentum, I learned all of the “ins-and-outs” of setup and the mechanical aspects that effect the car’s performance. This allowed me to do the first real development work with the 2016 BRDC F4 Tatuus and aided in my acclamation to many different cars around the world!

The Van Diemen F2000 and the USF4 Crawford cars are great cars for learning with, and the brain trust that Momentum Motorsports provides rivals that of any top level racing team across the US. The skills you learn in your first years of driving are key, and learning the correct methodologies with the correct people are hugely important to a successful career.

Momentum Motorsport’s philosophy of how to raise a driver is proven to succeed. After driving with them for 2 years, I successfully conducted an F3 test, a BRDC F4 test, and multiple FIA F4 tests and have contract offers to drive in Europe for 2016. There are many that can drive a car, but what Phil Picard and Momentum Motorsports will teach is how to become a better rounded racer.

The understanding of how the car works and what a car setup is about is hugely beneficial in the future as driver and team must work together to make the car better. Feedback to the engineers is key to a good understanding of what the car is doing and what is needed to make it better. Another huge aspect of what makes many racers who they are is their ability to be personable. It’s very difficult to teach people skills, however by interacting with Phil and the crew at Momentum, it’s really easy to develop into a well-rounded young driver.

Car preparation is key in any form of racing, and Momentum Motorsports is one of the finest prep shops on the east coast. Through their meticulous care for the cars and their customers, we managed to win, finish on the podium, and run in the top five consistently throughout 2015. If you drive with Momentum Motorsports, you’re almost guaranteed a car that can run in the top five and finish on the podium consistently.

Finally, Phil Picard and everyone at Momentum Motorsports are true racers. Phil himself grew up racing F2000 cars and he understands the mindset of a driver better than many other people do. The team understand and love the crucible of motorsports and you won’t find many teams that have the personality that Momentum Motorsports does. This year we faced adversity and bad luck in the face, and through Momentum Motorsport’s perseverance, we finished on the podium in the season finale.